Geographical Position

Tarsus, located to the east of Mersin, is the biggest district of the province. It is surrounded by Pozantı in the east with Karaisalı (Adana), Mersin in the west, Ulukışla (Niğde), Ereğli (Konya) with the Mediterranean in the south.

Location of Country and Area

Tarsus is a district in Mersin province in the Mediterranean region, south of the country. The province of Mersin is located to the west of the Çukurova section of the Mediterranean region. It occupies a large part of the eastern Mediterranean basin, which lies between 32.56 and 35 degrees 11 degrees east longitudes and 37 degrees 01 degrees north latitudes. It covers the area of 15,803 km2 with 2% of the territory of Turkey, Adana in the east, Niğde in the north, Konya in the north and northwest, Antalya in the west. The province, which is surrounded by the Mediterranean from the south, is separated from the inner parts of Anatolia by the high plateau and summits of the North, West and Central Taurus Mountains. The population of 1990 included 1,266,995 people including the provincial central district; Anamur, Aydıncık, Bozyazı, Çamlıyayla, Erdemli, Gülnar, Mut, Silifke and Tarsus are the counties of 9.
Tarsus is the most populous district in the population after the central province. While the population density is about 80 people in km2, it has 309 people in the central district and 144 people in Tarsus. Tarsus, while the central district in the west is surrounded by Çamlıyayla county in the north-western part, Adana province in the east, and Niğde province in the north.