Office of Marriage


  • PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAHP (5 pieces Newly Taken)


PHOTOGRAPHS: There will be 5 male and 5 female and female portraits photographs. The photos will be colorful. Copies of photocopies are invalid.
IDENTITY CARDS: The identity cards are photographed and will be brought along with the photocopies for the presidency upon application.
AGE OF MARRIAGE: Men and women who are 19 years of age can marry with their own accord, those who are 18 years old, with the consent of their parents, and those who are 17 years of age.
MAIDEN LASTNAME: According to Article 153 of the Civil Code, the lady who wants to use her surname after marrying will fill the petition given by our officer. In 2 pieces.
DURATION OF VIOLANCE: Divorced or widowed women can not marry within 300 days. However, marriage can be made if the 300-day period has been abolished by the Constitutional Court's decision.
FOREINGS: Male and Female international multilingual Marriage License. They will bring their passports and identities to their original and photocopiers.
MARRIAGE HALL: Our big hall is 395 people. (Charge). Our Small Wholesalel is 25 Person (Charge).

Working staff
1 Marriage Officer
1 Documentary Officer
1 Cleaner
3 night Guards
Within a year 2000 (two thousand) Marriage Act is being made.