Our Cultural and Social Services

Within the scope of this service and in accordance with defined processes;

  • Cultural and Social activities,
  • Women's Shelter,
  • Vocational Training Centers,
  • Lifelong Education and Sports Centers,
  • Elders Nursing House,
  • Social Market,
  • Condolence Houses
Are presented in a planned manner.

City Council: 
City Council; Youth Assembly and Women's Assembly. There are the Sports Commission, the Health and Environment Commission, the Tourism and Promotion Commission, the Education Culture and Art Commission, the Commission on the Protection of the Rights of Producers and the Disability Commission. The Working Group on Responsible Relations for the Women's Council, the Health and Environment Working Group, the Education, Culture and Art Working Group and the Women's Status and Rights Working Group. There are the Project Commission, the Education, Culture and Arts Commission, the Press and Publication Commission, the Youth and Sports Commission, the Information and Technology Commission and the City Commission. These committees convened 178 times in 2015 and 3560 people attended the meeting. Furthermore, in the year 2015 within the body of the City Council, 94 training, seminars, panels, etc. The event was organized and 5640 people participated in these activities.

Özgecan Aslan Lifelong Education and Culture Center:
In 2015, Guitar, Painting, Mushroom Breeding, Model Airplane, Computer, Chess, Baglama, English and Violin courses were opened at Özgecan Aslan Lifelong Education and Culture Center and 685 people participated in the mentioned courses. 117 people benefited from the sports center operating in the center. 800 students visited the Science Center located in the center.

Vocational Placement Center:
Professional, technical, social and cultural courses are offered at the Vocational Training Center, which operates within the scope of our directorate. The aim is to make the people active producers by improving their professional skills, by removing them from passive and consumer, and to ensure that they have the qualifications demanded by the labor market. In 2015, computer, AutoCAD, graphic arts, ceramics-tiles, handicrafts, stone doll making, foreign language, mash soap production, fabric dyeing, culture mushroom breeding and apparel courses were opened and 835 people benefited from the mentioned courses. New courses are also opened according to the students who come from our citizens.

Barriers Vocational Center:
In order to ensure that our handicapped students are better able to hold on to life, to remind them that they exist in this life, to encourage them to produce, and to make a contribution to the family budget, the Disabled Persons Vocational Guidance Center, established by Tarsus Municipality in 2005, And Galosh courses have been opened and 15 disabled citizens have participated in the mentioned courses. One shop has been rented in the Siptilli Bazaar for the sale of products produced by our disabled citizens.
Female Guest House:
In 2015, a total of 300 people including 191 women and 109 children benefited from the Tarsus Municipality Women's Guest House. The services given in Tarsus Municipality Women's Guest House in 2015 are given in the table below.

Ülker Aydın Elders Nursing House:
Ülker Aydin Elders Nursing House, built by Philanthropist Ülker AYDIN and not another example in our region, was opened with the contributions of Tarsus Municipality on November 15, 2014. Sewing-embroidery and handicraft courses are given in the center which operates 5 days a week. Our citizens who come to the center can enjoy daily local and national newspapers as well as enjoying library and internet services. In addition to the activities such as cinema, conversation, psychologist services organized in one day of the week, seminars, conferences, moral nights, exhibitions and other activities are held every 15 days. In 2015, 178 citizens of Ülker Aydin Elders Nursing House benefited.

Social Market:
The Social Market, which was formed by a joint protocol with Tarsus Municipality, Turkish Red Crescent Society and Tarsus District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, was opened to service on February 5, 2015 with the aim of providing financial and moral support to individuals and families who are in social and economic deprivation. In 2015, a total of 4096 pieces of clothing assistance were given to 2094 families. In addition, a total of 600 pieces of clothing assistance were provided to 120 poor students who were educated in 15 village schools. Before the Feast of Sacrifice, approximately 200 disability citizens, who were brought by buses from the villages of Tarsus (neighborhood), distributed a total of 600 pieces of clothing. Our disabled citizens were shaved and after we had eaten their meals in the dining room, they were left to their homes with buses they came back to.

Sharing Box:
The Municipality of Tarsus passed the "Sharing Box" project on September 15, 2015 with the aim of contributing materially and spiritually to poor families, reducing poverty, preventing social welfare, preventing wasting, increasing social peace and tolerance, social justice and efficient use of country resources . The clothes, books and toys collected from the share boxes placed in the busiest points of the city are taken to the needs of the needy through the "Şevkat Team" which is created by the management of the Social Market vehicle belonging to Tarsus Municipality. In 2015, 6777 pieces collected from share boxes were distributed to 2917 families.

Hello Baby: 
Tarsus Municipality, which is in the neighborhood of its citizens from birth to death due to social municipal understanding, has started to distribute the bags that are necessary materials for the babies' needs in the newborn mothers by passing the "Hello Baby" Project on December 7, 2015. The Şevkat team, working under the direction of the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, distributes baby bags to the newborn mothers by going to the newborn services of the hospitals. In 2015, a total of 855 babies' bags were distributed.

Compassion Team: 
We have created a "Compassion Team" within our directorate in order to reach the needs of our needy citizens faster and with higher quality. We are redesigning our mobile (mobile) vehicle and bringing services with our team to the footsteps of our citizens in the most remote parts of Tarsus.

Ergenekon Lifelong Education and Sports Center: 
In 2015, 406 of our citizens benefited from Ergenekon Yaşamoyu Training and Sports Center, which was opened on December 16, 2015 by the Municipality of Tarsus in order to protect our citizens, especially our young people from bad habits and to be able to exercise in a healthier environment and in the presence of expert personnel.

Bağlar Sports School: 
A total of 495 people, 83 wrestling, 257 boxing, 130 karate and 25 gymnastics, benefited from Bağlar Sports School, which was opened on May 27, 2015 by the Municipality of Tarsus in order to raise healthy generations and enable our citizens to play sports in a healthy environment. In addition, a total of 610 people, 160 of whom are women and 450 men, have benefited from the gym located in the center.

Mehmet Çelebi Sports Wholesalel:
Mehmet Çelebi Sports Wholesalel in football, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics branches opened in 2015, 202 people benefited from a total of 14 people with disabilities benefited from the gym.

Bereket Soup and Breakfast:
Tarsus Municipality, Tarsus'da citizens of all citizens living in the consciousness of unity and consciousness of the unity of the arrival of the arrival of the January 16, 2015 Friday morning prayer after the citizens of the Kubatpaşa Madrasa, the winter of the soup summer has started to distribute breakfast.

Iftar and Sahur Foods:
During the month of Ramadan, a total of 150,000 citizens were given iftar and sahur food. A total of 2055 residents of Tarsus (excluding the center) were taken from their neighborhoods by buses provided by our municipality and brought to iftar programs after the tour of Tarsus and left to their neighborhoods after the program.

Food Package Distribution:
In the year 2015, a total of 3,000 poor families were assisted by the Provincial Directorate.

Spring Festival:
Spring festivals were organized for local and national artists in spring for the presentation of historical and touristic places of Tarsus, having a good time with our citizens, for profit making, for profit making, consolidation of my brotherhood and friendship for art.

1st International Artist Meeting:
Contributing to the promotion of our city, increasing the international recognition of the city and introducing the beauties of Tarsus from all over the world. We organized the 1st International Artists' Participation event, which was attended by a total of 40 painters from 20 countries.

11. International Tarsus Semi-Marathon:
We organized the 11th International Tarsus Wholesalef Marathon organization in which 12,123 athletes participated from 12 national teams.

Bicycling Orienteering Competitions:
With the Turkish Orienteering Federation, from 20 cities 100 Bicycling Orienteering Competitions were held in Karabucak Forest.