Municipalty’s Duties


Rule 37. - The mayor is the head of the municipal administration and the representative of the municipal legal entity. The mayor shall be elected according to the principles and procedures indicated in the relevant law.

The mayor can not take part in the administrative and supervisory bodies of political parties during his term of office; can not preside over professional sports clubs.

Duties And Authorities of The Mayor

  Rule 38. - Duties and authorities of the mayor are:

A) To direct and manage the municipal organization as the supreme representative of the municipal organization, to protect the rights and interests of the municipality.

B) To manage the municipality in accordance with the strategic plan, to form the institutional strategies of the municipal administrations, to prepare and monitor the performance criteria of the budget, municipal activities and personnel in accordance with these strategies, to monitor and evaluate them and to submit reports on them.

C) Representing the municipality at State offices and ceremonies, as plaintiff or defendant, at the places of jurisdiction, or appointing a proxy.

D) Presiding in the assembly and the cabinet.

E) To manage the municipality's movable and immovable property.

F) To follow and collect the income and receivables of the municipality.

G) Contracting with the condition of taking the decision of the competent bodies.

H) To implement the decisions of the Assembly and the Council.

I) Implementing the budget, granting approval from the budgetary council and the committee's authority outside the authority.

J) Assigning municipal personnel.

K) Supervising the municipality and its subsidiaries and businesses.

L) Accepting unconditional donations.

M) To take necessary precautions for the peace, well-being, health and happiness of the people of the town.

N) To use the appropriation for the poor and the needy in the budget, to carry out services for disabled people and to establish a center for disabled people.

O) To use the deductible for representation and entertainment expenses.

P) To make duties to the municipality by law and not to require the municipal council or municipal council decree, and to use the authorities.

Duties And Authorities of The Municipality

  Rule 14. - Provided that the municipality is of local joint nature;

A) Urban infrastructure such as construction, water and sewerage, transportation; Geographical and urban information systems; Environmental and environmental health, cleanliness and solid waste; Municipal police, fire brigade, emergency aid, rescue and ambulance; Urban traffic; Burials and cemeteries; Afforestation, park and green areas; housing; Culture and art, tourism and promotion, youth and sports; Social work and help, marriage, profession and skills; Economic or trade development services. Metropolitan municipalities open protection homes for municipalities, women and children with population over 50,000.

B) Open pre-school education institutions; It can build or fix and repair all state-owned school buildings, meet all kinds of equipment, materials and supplies; May open and operate all kinds of health related facilities; Cultural and natural beings, and historic touches and the importance of urban history; Can do maintenance and repair for this purpose, and rebuild the ones that are not possible to protect in a proper way. When necessary, can give materials to students and amateur sports clubs, provide the necessary support, arrange any type of amateur sports competition, and award athletes who have achieved or achieved a high degree of success in domestic and international competitions by the decision of the city council.

The municipality shall also make or perform other duties and services of a local common nature that are not granted to another public institution by law.

In the fulfillment of the services, the priority order is determined by considering the financial situation of the municipality and the urgency of the service.

Municipal services are offered in the closest places to citizens and with the most appropriate methods. In the provision of services, appropriate methods are applied to the situation of the disabled, elderly, deprived and low income earners.

The duty, responsibility and authority of the municipality covers the municipal boundaries.

The municipal council's decision may also bring municipal services to the contested areas.

Provisions of Law No. 4562 on Organized Industrial Zones are reserved.

 Municipality Law No. 5393

 Municipal Assembly Working Regulation