Strategic Plan

Strategic planning; Describes the way between the point of establishment and the desire to reach. It requires the establishment of its aims, its objectives and the means by which it can be achieved. It has a long-term and forward-looking perspective. It guides the organization budget to prepare the strategic plan in such a way as to express the stated aims and objectives, to base the allocation of resources on priorities and accountability.

Strategic planning in this framework;

Planning the results; It focuses not on the inputs but on the results to be achieved by public services,
Planning of change; It strives to ensure that change is in the desired direction and supports change. It is dynamic and guides the future. It must be regularly observed and modified according to changing circumstances.
It is real, it depicts a future that is desirable and achievable.
It is the tool of quality management; It is a disciplined and systematic way to evaluate, shape and guide the basic decisions and actions that a corporation defines, what it does and why it does what it does, and guides it.
It is the basis for accountability; It is the basis for monitoring, evaluating and controlling how and at what extent results are achieved.
It is a participatory approach; It is imperative that the strategic planning process be fully supported by the highest level authority of the organization. Nevertheless, strategic planning can not be successful without the involvement, common effort and support of the interested parties, other authorities, administrators and members of all levels. "Is called.

2015-2019 Detailed information about our strategic plan can be found in the following chart.
T.C. Tarsus Municipality 2015–2019 Yılları Strategic Planı

2010-2014 Detailed information about our strategic plan can be found in the below table.
T.C. Tarsus Municipality 2010–2014 Yılları Strategic Planı