Quality Policy

The beauties in Tarsus that can provide all kinds of services and can approach to all people who are born in Tarsus or who have won their bread in Tarsus and can sincerely say "My Countryman" who can say "human beings first" and who can carry all kinds of services, "first human", can carry their cultural values from the past with the same faith and faith. TARSUS is committed to building a world-class city that can provide services based on respect for people and humanity by assimilating all environmental laws in order to achieve this. Is adopted as QUALITY POLICY.

Environmental Policy

To make the environment and human health to be sustainable and make maximum use of renewable energy sources, to minimize the waste at the source of waste, to recycle to make the best use of the resources, and to increase the environmental awareness among the stakeholders. To dispose of unregulated wastes with the most appropriate method, to develop methods of conserving natural resources such as energy and water and to use them efficiently, to undertake a preventive role in conservation of environmental resources.

Equality Policy

Considering multiple discrimination and disadvantages based on gender, race, ethnic and social origin, genetic traits, religion or belief, political opinion, place of birth, disability, age and economic status within the scope of our municipality, And we are committed to making efforts to remove the hurdles.

Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

To work in harmony with our employees, to strengthen our universal values such as love, respect, tolerance, solidarity, responsibility and equality beyond our legal obligations in our Services, to protect our natural beauties of our city, our history, our culture and our moral values and to transfer our values to the next generations. We promise to make it possible.

Organizational and Social Responsibility Policy

Knowing that our most important capital is our employees;
- keeping our employees' job satisfaction at a high level; To improve the efficiency and productivity of the system and to provide fair and equal opportunities in the implementation of this system,
- Ensure that our employees work in tasks that are in accordance with their knowledge and abilities,
- To prepare training programs that will improve the quality of service, promote success and creativity, develop our employees' personal and professional sense,
- Developing systems in which employees are motivated, recognize the results of their work and are rewarded with appreciation,
- Establishing an institutional culture that will reinforce our commitment to the organization by meeting the social and cultural needs of our employees,
We undertake to protect and supervise the personality and other rights of our employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Within the scope of duty and authority of Tarsus Municipality, taking the necessary precautions during our activities; Providing the safety of our employees and related stakeholders, giving importance to education, research and innovations in the field of OHS; We commit ourselves to making awareness in our employees, protecting the health of our employees by giving importance to preventive medicine, increasing the consciousness level of our employees, reducing work accidents and occupational diseases by determining business risks and making continuous improvements in OHS related matters.

Disabled Policy

For our disabled citizens; We are committed to meeting the common needs and contributing to the development of projects that will contribute to individual and professional development, to support the projects we have developed, to enable participation in social and social life, to make arrangements that will make equal opportunities in all areas of life, and to cooperate with relevant NGOs.