Income Management

Income Manager


Mission and Definitions

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and in accordance with the decisions of the Municipal Assembly, it is the unit which imposes the charge, imposes the tariff, imposes the duty fee and implements the collection of taxes, duties and fees specified in the Law on Municipal Revenues No. 2464 and the Law No. 1319 on Real Estate Tax.
Taxpayers who are within the boundaries of the Municipality of Tarsus shall be responsible for calculating and collecting the taxes, duties, shares, duties, rents and fees that must be collected by the municipalities within the scope of the laws, from paying the payment to the taxpayers who have delayed collection, starting the foreclosure proceedings if not paid, Is responsible for coordinating with the other municipal units related to the transactions that they have done.

Property Tax, Ç.T.V. Imposition and Accrual Service

In cases where the taxpayers' applications and the declarations of the property and environmental cleaning taxes are filled and accepted by the units of the unit by the units of our units and the accruals are arranged for the newly acquired real estates newly acquired by the taxpayers or in the cases where a change notification has to be given, Is the unit from which it is made.
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Property Tax Transactions

Building Tax ( Building Tax )
Land Tax ( Land Tax )
Land Tax ( Land Tax )

Emlak Vergisi Mahalle Sokak Değerleri - 2016

1. Documents Required for Property Taxation Obligation

In case the taxpayers who purchase new real estate apply to my municipality with Photocopy of Land Registry within 3 months from the date of registration, the Notifications of Real Estate Tax are issued by the civil servants in computer environment.

- Photocopy of Land Registry
- Copy of ID Card
- Turkish Identity Number
- Phone, or E-mail address
- File

2. Real Estate Tax Rates

- Building Residence 0.2%
- Building Workplace 0.4%
- Land 0.6%
- Land 0.2%

3. Payment period

- 1st payment due date May 31
- 2nd payment due date November 30
- All of the taxes can be deposited at the same time during the first installment payment period.

4. Real Estate Tax Penalty

For the unpaid tax within the payment period, the Late Payment Amount shall be applied on the rate determined in accordance with Article 51 of the Law on Public Receivables No 6183 (2.5%).

5. Property Tax Payment

- Checkers (1409 Domestic Line) (Debt inquiry)
- E-Payment

6. Remuneration to Benefit from Property Tax Exemption

Retirees who are the only resident with a face value of 200 square meters in Turkey or who have a usufruct right and own residence in a single residence can benefit from the Tax Exemption.

7. Retirement Procedures

Photocopies of documents that you are retired
Retirement Transaction Form
Taken from the Register of Land Registry (1st and 2nd Regions) Title Registration.

8. Actions to be made in sales situations

The municipality that is bound to sell real estate needs to be informed about this situation. After real estate ownership transaction is made;
Photocopy of Land Registry,
To apply to my municipality and to have the abandonment of the registered real estate. In order to be able to make sales transactions: Depending on our Revenue Manager, the fair value of the related property in the liaison office in the working district office is required. At the same time, we have a collection fee for the payment of real estate debts. However, the taxpayer must give prior notice in order to be able to perform the transaction in the bureau, and the taxpayers who have not notified the taxpayer should be notified to the Revenue Officer.

Environment Cleaning Tax Processing/strong>

After the Article 44 of the Law on Municipal Revenues No. 2464 and the Environmental Protection Tax, which has been in effect since 01.01.1994, passes through the Municipal Assembly on the basis of the groups and grades prepared in the Ministry. For housing and business establishments. According to Article 41 of the Law dated January 02, 2004 and number 5035 numbered 5035, the Environmental Cleaning Tax of the houses is calculated per cubic meter (m3) on the basis of the Water Consumption amount and water is paid together with the invoices. The follow-up and collection of the Environmental Cleaning Tax of the workplaces and non-water non-residential dwellings is carried out by the Revenue Director. As stated in the General Communiqué Serial Number 30 of the Municipal Revenue Law, buildings that are vacant and therefore not used at all (Business Premises) will not be subject to Environmental Clean-up Tax as of 01.01.2004. Businesses that are actively working should inform the management about the changes in the end of business or the change of activity line.

Environmental Cleaning Tax Payment Times

Payment Period
- 1st Payment Due Date: May 31
- 2nd payment due date: November 30
- Two installments can be deposited at the same time on the first installment payment date.

Documents Required for Environmental Cleaning Notification

- Environmental Cleaning Notification Form
- Popup Wallet Photocopier
- If the payer is a leaseholder

Values Related to Completion of Notification of Property Tax

LUX CONSTRACTION 1.790,26 1.090,67 856,11 …. 1.443,11 …. …. ….
1. CATEGORY 1.190,48 681,12 554,57 364,37 937,65 …. …. ….
2. CATEGORY 798,59 454,74 361,50 252,66 611,68 …. …. ….
3. CATEGORY 541,44 322,05 269,09 178,29 306,67 165,13 108,05 ….
BASIC 234,15 180,33 85,44 85,44 106,80 76,40 55,03 45,61

LUX CONSTRACTION 1.739,66 1.175,63 938,88 735,60 1.280,26 …. …. ….
1. CATEGORY 1.189,70 822,25 612,28 389,28 895,53 …. …. ….
2. CATEGORY 806,77 518,58 367,79 217,01 564,73 …. …. ….
3. CATEGORY 544,63 377,33 245,20 147,61 410,77 …. …. ….
BASIC 234,28 134,58 96,18 77,15 102,54 83,85 66,59 42,27

CONSTRACTION TYPE 0-3 YEAR 4-5 YEAR 6-10 YEAR 11-15 YEAR 16-20 YEAR 21-30 YEAR 31-40 YEAR 41- 50 YEAR 51-75 YEAR 75 AND MORE
STEEL FRAMEWORK CONCRETE 4 6 10 15 20 25 32 40 50 60
AGGLOMERATE AND HALF AGGLOMERATE 6 8 12 18 25 32 40 50 60 70
WOODEN AND STONE WALL 8 12 18 25 32 40 50 60 70 80
SUN – DRIED BRICKS AND OTHER BASIC 10 17 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95

ADVERTISING ADVERTISING TAX:   : With respect to the Ad and Advertisement Tax, which is executed in accordance with Article 15 of the Municipal Revenue Law No. 2464, Imposition and Accrual are made by determining the places belonging to the businesses on the grounds of the taxpayers' application. Advertisements related to cloth banners posted in various parts of the city must be obtained from the Municipal Revenue Authority (including Other Advertisements); The taxpayers are required to pay the Ad Advertisement Taxes in two equal installments, APRIL and OCT.
CONTACT: 6163496 - 6163497 - 6163498 Domestic Line: 1267

It is the unit where all kinds of municipal receivables that are not paid within the statutory period of payment are carried out pursuant to the law no.
CONTACT: 6163496 - 6163497 - 6163498 Domestic Line: 1403

All kinds of taxes, pictures, fees, fees, etc. belonging to our municipality. On-site detection of all new records related to taxation, changes and transactions relating to taxation of existing records, as well as the unit of notification of the payment order, notice, payment letter of invitation to the taxpayer.
CONTACT: 6163496 - 6163497 - 6163498 Domestic Line: 1405
Rent, Occupation, Monetary Penalties- Accrual Service:   :
It is the unit where the rent and invoices of the municipality's real estates, the route fee-visa fees of the city's public transportation vehicles, municipal fines, real fines are accrued and collected.
CONTACT: 6163496 - 6163497 - 6163498 Domestic Line: 1406

Spend Participation Share - Accrual Service:   :
For the permission given by the Construction and Urban Planning Directorate for the use of buildings to be given to the General Assembly, Taxpayers receive a 6% Spend Exemption Participation Fee over the calculated fair value by giving the Property Tax Notification to our Revenue Manager.

We will make requests to our Manager and submit to the Price Investigation Unit, which is made of correspondence about all the official documents coming from inside and outside the apartment, the petitions given by the taxpayers are recorded and answered, the real estate prices of real estates are determined as the basis for the inheritance and transfer transactions requested by Tax Offices, The service is sent to.

For Inheritance and Transfer Procedures, the required Documents:

  • Petition
  • Inheritance Notice
  • Registration of Land Registration
  • Notice of Property Tax

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