Quality Management Center

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

In line with Tarsus Municipality mission, vision, basic principles and values;
  • To create sustainable and developing quality studies in our institution,
  • To ensure the establishment, implementation and maintenance of necessary processes for the Quality Management System,
  • To ensure that quality management system performance and improvement needs are reported to upper management and prepare performance indicators,
  • To provide the necessary awareness to respond to customer (citizen) expectations and to make the necessary studies for dissemination,
  • To ensure effective implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model in our organization,
It is among the primary duties of the Quality Management Center.

Also; To conduct studies to reach the targets set for improvement, to conduct internal audits and analyze the results, to determine the cases of corrective preventive activities, to analyze the data obtained from the product and process measurements, to plan the training and to follow the actual situations of the planned trainings.


Quality Management Center studies; In accordance with TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Standards and EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model,

Quality Management Representative Esin ŞENER
Quality Management Coordinator Ender HORATA
Core Team Member Mustafa SOLAK
Core Team Member Hülya ATİLA
Core Team Member Ülkü ÇATAKLI
Core Team Member Mustafa Ramazan GÖZENER
Core Team Member Ali BAGRIK
Is carried out by a team of 7 people.

In another unit from this team;
İrem BAL ve
Fulfill the authority, duties and responsibilities of the unit.

Quality Management Center Organization Chart

Aims and Objectives of the Unit

The Quality Management Center was established in 2002 in order to carry out, coordinate and ensure the continuity of TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System certification in accordance with the Mayorial order in the sense that the quality of the services that our municipality has been continuing since 2004 has been registered.
TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate was obtained from the Turkish Standards Institute on January 15, 2004, and the Municipality became the 4th municipality in Turkey receiving this certificate, with the support of the Mayor and the efforts of the employees.
Our Quality Management System Certificate is in accordance with the standards and as a result of our sufficiency we have been renewed twice by TSE until this date.





TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000

Document of Quality Management System

15 Ocak 2004


TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000

Document of Quality Management System

17 Temmuz 2007


TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008

Document of Quality Management System

15 Temmuz 2010


The validity of the document and the continuity of the quality of service are reviewed every year by TSE Experts. In accordance with the Quality Management System Certificate we have, our employees are provided continuous education in order to provide municipal services in accordance with the principles, quality, legal and standards continuously. Constant improvements are being made to increase the satisfaction of our citizens and our employees.
In addition to the work carried out in order to accelerate the quality studies, the EFQM (European Quality Management Foundation) Excellence Model application decision was taken. In Turkey, the licensed manager of the EFQM EXCELLENCE MODEL applications is TURKEY QUALITY ASSOCIATION. (KalDer)
In 2002, we aimed to provide the first quality and high quality services to our citizens with continuous improvement by applying the requirements of EFQM Excellence Model, which was carried out under the leadership of Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), which we closely follow our activities in 2002.
On 22 April 2008, the Declaration of Goodwill of the National Quality Movement was signed with KalDer and EFQM Excellence Model application studies were initiated in our municipality.
Firstly by KalDer Training Experts; Mayor, Deputy Mayors, Department Managers, Unit Managers and Supervisors were trained on November 15-16-17, 2008 in Nevşehir, Total Quality Management and EFQM Excellence Model Training. A self-evaluation of our institution was made in the consultancy of KalDer Model Expert in Municipality Facilities Orange Wholesalel on 15/12/2008.
A self-evaluation of our institution was made in the consultancy of KalDer Model Expert in Municipality Facilities Orange Wholesalel on 15/12/2008.
On October 20, 2009, during the field visit made by the KalDer Reward Evaluator, we have reviewed the projects that have gone through the self-assessment of the open areas for improvement and declare that we are entitled to receive the EFQM Certificate of Excellence in Stability.
A total of 28 organizations were awarded at the awards ceremony held on the last day of the Quality Congress in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center on 17-18 November 2009. The only municipality that received the EFQM Certificate of Excellence in Quality at the Quality Congress held in 2009 has been the Municipality of Tarsus.
As of the end of 2011, a total of 13 Municipal EFQM Perfection Stability Certificates were awarded in Turkey and 3 Municipalities were awarded EFQM Perfection Competency Certificate.
EFQM has determined that our goal after receiving the Stability Certificate in the Journey of Excellence is to receive senior management Competency Certificate. The Competency Application started in January 2010 in line with the objective. Duties and responsibilities related to the work to be done and working schedule and criterion groups are determined. An official application was made to KalDer in February 2010.
A 51-page application document was prepared by 57 people assigned to the 10 Criterion Team and submitted to KalDer on 15 June 2010. After the Application Document (Report) was submitted, the 3-person KalDer Evaluators reviewed the 51-page report we prepared. They prepared the Evaluation Plan and determined the units and persons they would interview. The evaluator team made a visit to Tarsus on 29-30 September and 01 October 2010.
As a result of our visit to the site, we have been informed by the evaluator team on 15 October 2010 that we are in the 400-450 mark band by the KalDer Rewards Executive Board and that Tarsus Municipality is entitled to receive the 4 Star EFQM Perfection Competency Certificate in the Quality Congress to be held in November 2010. The award ceremony held at the Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center was attended by a group of 60 people consisting of Tarsus Municipality employees, Assembly Members and Tarsus Local Press; The EFQM Excellence in Competence (4 Star) Certificate has been received with pride. This document is valid for 2 years.
Our EFQM Excellence Model application and the National Quality Award journey are ongoing; On 20-21-22 January 2012, Institutional Self-Assessment was re-established at the consultant's office. Improvement studies will be carried out in order to increase the quality of service in line with the self-assessment report.

Tarsus Municipality Quality Policy

The beauties in Tarsus that can provide all kinds of services and can approach to all people who are born in Tarsus or who have won their bread in Tarsus and can sincerely say "My Countryman" who can say "human beings first" and who can carry all kinds of services, "first human", can carry their cultural values from the past with the same faith and faith. TARSUS is committed to building a world-class city that can provide services based on respect for people and humanity by assimilating all environmental laws in order to achieve this. Is adopted as QUALITY POLICY.

Information and Evaluations on activities

Financial Information

All of the expenditure items defined by the Quality Management Center as belonging to the Directorate of Private Affairs from 2012 onwards in line with the Norm Staffing Principles and Standards have been opened under this Directorate.

Performance Information

In accordance with the Quality Management System Certificate we have, we have 30 staff members who have received Internal Audit Training for Internal Audit every year. Internal audits are carried out in May, at least once a year, and necessary Corrective / Preventive activities are carried out to prepare for External Audits.
As a result of the studies carried out in accordance with the standards until 2004, after the Internal Audit, the External Audits have been overtaken 8 times in a way that can be regarded as successful and it has been seen that the activities of our institution are sufficient. We have the Quality Management System Certificate we have and the posters, table cards and the points where the citizen and municipality employees can easily see all the units of the municipality with the posters, the cards showing the quality of our services, the more motivation of our employees to increase their confidence in the municipality.
Every year until the end of January, information on annual activities is gathered from all units depending on the Strategic Plan and Performance Program and brought to the order, order and information standard, preparing the Activity Report of the Municipality. These reports are distributed to all municipal units, Municipal Assembly Members, National and Local Authorities, and other interested parties.
Duties and responsibilities have been determined according to the Municipal Organization Structure which is prepared according to Norm Cadre Principles and Standards and approved by the Municipal Assembly Decision, which was put into effect by the Quality Management Center 2006/9809 Decree of the Council of Ministers. Infrastructure studies related to unit managers and other employees are carried out to ensure that Organizational charts and other documents are updated every six months.
Annual Education Plans are prepared for submitting to municipality employees who are aiming for Continuous Education and Continuous Improvement and all kinds of education required in line with this plan are provided within or outside the institution. Geographic Mark Registration Documents have been obtained from Turkish Patent Institute for Tarsus White Grape, Tarsus Turnip which are known to be produced by our Quality Management Center with our unique or customized materials. Furthermore, in view of the fact that some of the products unique to the site will contribute to the economy of the home market, the necessary applications are made to the Turkish Patent Institute for the acquisition of "Geographical Signatures" and applications will be made for new products thereafter.
In accordance with TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate we have a planned Citizens Satisfaction Assessment Questionnaire applied to 1% of the population each year in a planned manner and are being systematically assessed and evaluated by our municipality.
These questionnaires are read by our Quality Management Center in electronic environment with the principle of impartiality and honesty. The results of these surveys, which are held regularly every year, are delivered to Municipal Units, Municipal Assembly Members, National and Local Press and all Tarsus people. The results of this survey are also published on our website (www.tarsus.bel.tr)
The Citizen Satisfaction Assessment Survey results over the years are shown in the chart below.

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