Health Services Directorate
Occupational Medicine (Head Doctoral)

Elif İlkay ATLI
Workplace Physician

The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 05/02/2015 and numbered 2015 / 2-1 (18) are as follows.

A) To ensure the execution of clinical services for employees in line with the Regulation on the Duties, Authorities, Responsibilities and Trainings of the Workplace Physician and Other Health Personnel,
B) Providing protective and therapeutic services to employees according to scientific, technical and ethical principles,
C) To examine and treat the disease within the framework of deontology (medical ethics) rules without discrimination of religion, language, race, sect,
D) To perform patient referral system operations if necessary and to monitor their results.
E) To carry out emergency medical services,
F) To know chronic diseases and risk groups, to carry out necessary diagnosis and treatment services,
G) To carry out laboratory services,
H) Participation in district hıfzıssıhha meetings,
I) In case of natural deaths occurring outside the hospital, go to the place where the death occurred and fill in the death certificate and the mernis certificate,
J) Participating in workplace health and work safety meetings, making necessary proposals and taking decisions,
K) To record the working environment and unit information of the health surveillance of employees,
L) Keep your clinic clean, to keep the device and device sterile,
M) To take necessary health precautions and organize the health personnel in activities organized by the municipality,
N) To review the generalities / writings from the Presidency or other departments, to fulfill the requirements,
O) To monitor and supervise patients' diagnosis and treatment through the necessary laboratory examinations,
P) To fulfill the duties determined in the Quality Management System documentation in order to increase and protect qualifications,
Q) Providing the maintenance and maintenance of the fixture and the in-place and economical use of the consumer goods,
E) Regularly checking the records and ensuring that the deficiencies are rectified,
To plan the annual leave of the personnel so as not to interrupt the service,
S) To inform the Provincial Health Directorate or the District Health Group Presidency of the obligatory infectious diseases,
T) To ensure that records belonging to the warehouse, laboratory and other places of the account are kept properly and regularly by the officials of the administration documents and files,
U) to regularly identify and register all the instruments and devices of the unit and the records of the laboratory equipment, furniture, furnishings and fixtures and to ensure that they are stored or used according to the necessity,
V) To check all parts of the unit, installations, equipment and materials indefinitely and frequently. To do the necessary actions for those who cause defects and deficiencies in order, safety, cleanliness, and those who do not correct them,
W) to demand in-service training programs for the hospitals.