Health Services Directorate
Food Safety and Public Health Management

Food Safety and Public Health Manager

The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 05/02/2015 and numbered 2015 / 2-1 (18) are as follows.

A) To contribute to the creation of a city environment with a high level of awareness about the problems of society and human health in terms of identification, elimination and public health.
B) To plan and undertake the activities and services of local common activities necessary for living in the bodily, mental and social well-being of the residents living within the borders of the municipality and to carry out these services in cooperation with the other relevant directorates, institutions and organizations,
C) To inform the competent authorities in case of infectious and epidemic diseases, to cooperate with institutions and organizations,
D) To work in the Food Inspection Unit consisting of the Health Affairs Directorate and the Directorate of Police Department, to inspect the establishments that produce food and food contact materials, to suspend the operations of the harmful enterprises temporarily or permanently in terms of community health, in case of detection of unlawful cases, Ensure implementation of
E) Coordination of the technical and hygienic conditions in coordination with the Directorate of Police in the direction of the Regulations Regarding the Workplace Opening and Working License of the Workplaces, ensuring the application of the criminal procedure in the contrary cases,
F) Determination of objectionable food products to be sold on the road in accordance with the Food Regulations Regulation, Notification to the Police Department, keeping the minutes and preparing a joint destruction report with the director
G) To cooperate with other institutions, establishments and administrations when necessary, to inspect, inform,
H) To serve as a technical expert in areas where our municipality provides food service, to prepare food technical specifications,
I) To inform the producers and consumers by taking the necessary precautions related to the diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, to take preventive measures for consumers against any risks that may arise due to food, to inspect the animal food sales places in cooperation with the Police Department,
J) To fulfill the duties required for regulation of live animals and animal products for transporation, to search documents used on the internet, to notify the competent authorities by detaining animal and animal products in illegal transit,
K) To check the places of sacrifice,
L) To supervise the public health and to take necessary precautions or to take care of the sanitary and social welfare facilities of the 3rd grade and 3rd class non-governmental institutions, food and food contact substances and materials, and evaluate the complaints reached to the municipality ,
M) To provide drinking water for the purpose of protecting public health and to provide or to provide for the treatment of private and public wells and cisterns for use in domestic affairs if they are contaminated with health