Health Services Directorate
Environmental Protection and Control Management

Environmental Protection and Control Manager

The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 05/02/2015 and numbered 2015 / 2-1 (18) are as follows.

A) To identify and monitor any activities that have adverse effects on surface and underground waters, seas, air, land and human health, to ensure that necessary measures are taken and applied to control, reduce or eliminate adverse effects and to coordinate with relevant institutions and organizations when necessary , Making / taking measurements, collecting and evaluating data.
B) To permit or to classify the second and third classes of non-governmental establishments, which are defined as organizations which cause, or are likely to cause, more or less harmful physical, psychological, chemical, microbiological and social influences on the environment within the framework of the Laws, Carry out the related procedures,
C) To inspect the protection, improvement and beautification of the city, to evaluate the complaints, to identify the persons, institutions or organizations causing the pollution, to implement the legal legislation, to eliminate the negativity and to ensure compliance with the determined criteria and standards.
D) To contribute to the execution of waste minimization, collection, transfer, disposal and recovery processes, to prepare, implement and supervise plans and projects in the scope of related laws and regulations.
E) All kinds of activities that cause noise pollution shall be evaluated within the scope of "Environmental Hazard Assessment and Management Regulation", and it shall ensure that noise is under control. To inform the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization about the inspections and administrative sanctions made in certain periods.
F) To supervise the workplace, house or persons that cause noise pollution within the scope of relevant laws and regulations, to determine noise sources, to make measurements or to make them, to prevent or prevent noise causing factors, to prepare plans and projects.
G) Informing activities for the development and placement of environmental awareness, preparing and implementing plans and projects, organizing environmental activities, and participating in the activities and organizations.
H) Within the boundaries of the Irrigation; To prevent the image pollution that may be caused by all kinds of advertisements, advertisements and promotional items and the like which are caused by the use of advertising, advertisement and advertisement signs and commercial signboards by eliminating them, to contribute to the aesthetic of the city, to arrange the use of advertisements and commercial signage and to the real or legal persons doing these works, Working in coordination,
I) To ensure that the results of the follow-up of emission permits of non-governmental organizations are notified to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by the Directorate of Environment Protection and Control of City Municipality.
J) Prevention of odor formation by reducing the harmful effects of the enterprises to the public and the environment by applying the best production or treatment techniques, Obtaining odor prevention measures according to the regulation, Ensuring that odor prevention measures / additional measures in accordance with the regulation are taken in case of complaint
J) Inspection of facilities not subject to emission permission according to the regulation on protection of air quality and requesting internal and external emissions report if necessary. To make assessment of the flue gas analysis reports for the fuel boilers according to the regulations.
K) To ensure that the fuel that forms the basis of the air pollution prevention methods is burned in a good manner, by making general announcements to the district, to provide the detection and control of the fuels entering the district in terms of calorie and sulfur content,
L) To carry out inspections together with the related unit personnel for not affecting the health of society and environment related to the fuels to be used in the district in accordance with the "Regulation on Control of Air Pollution Resulting from Warming"
M) To carry out necessary studies in cooperation with the relevant units in accordance with the "Regulation on the Control of Vegetable Waste Oils" and "Regulation on the Control of Waste Oils"
N) Ensuring the enforcement of laws and regulations related to the examination of complaints and requests related to Environmental Protection and control and determination of remedies,
O) To conduct studies related to energy efficiency in general, to increase the awareness of our citizens, to make, to implement and implement all kinds of training, meetings, plans and projects related to energy efficiency